• Fire safety blanket

    Fire safety blanket

    Essential for your emergency situations
  • Document Holder

    Document Holder

    Protect the documents you NEED
  • Packages for everyone

    Packages for everyone

    The complete fire protection safety kit.


Swift’N Safe was developed by The Lang Group to provide a personal yet portable, highly effective fire shield to protect individuals from the flame and radiant heat effects of fire whether in the home, in the car or in the open.

The blanket’s primary design is centered on slowing the rate of transmission of heat through the blanket.

Special design features have been incorporated to enhance the wool – a unique yet timeless natural fibre. The addition of the heat resistant, reflective foil enables the blanket to form a shield that is flame resistant; wind proof; impervious to moisture and steam and dramatically increases the capacity of thermal resistance. On the underside of the blanket, sewn pockets provide the user with additional protection for the head, hands and feet.